Amethyst candle holder - crystal tea light gemstone - third eye protection


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x1 Amethyst Tea light candle holder - 6 - 8 inches approx

Amethyst is a protective and effective stone. It protects the wearer from psychological assault by transmuting the energy into love and shielding them from all forms of damage, including geopathic or electromagnetic stress and ill wishes from others. Amethyst is a natural sedative; it relieves stress and pressure, calms irritability, regulates mood swings, and dispels frustration, rage, fear, and anxiety. Dissolves negativity and alleviates sorrow and grief. Amethyst promotes spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities. It has potent healing and calming properties. Amethyst facilitates sobriety by reducing overindulgence of alcohol, narcotics, or other addictions. It both calms and stimulates the mind, enabling you to become more concentrated, enhance memory, and boost motivation. Amethyst helps in the recollection and comprehension of dreams. It alleviates insomnia. Encourages self-sacrifice and moral insight.

Amethyst stimulates hormone synthesis and regulates the endocrine system and metabolism. It boosts the immune system, alleviates pain, and prepares the auric body to combat cancer.

This piece of Amethyst comes as a ‘tea lighter’ candle holder. Gorgeously cut it is a stone to behold. The perfect crystal to keep in your home wherever that may be.

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