Fluorite candle holder - tea light crystal - Dream big - focus nearer to home - Great gifts


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x1 Fluorite tea light candle holder - 60 mm approx

Fluorite purifies and balances the aura. Negative energy and stress are absorbed and neutralized by it. Fluorite is an outstanding learning aid because it improves our focus, self-confidence, and decision-making abilities. It facilitates positivity, combines energies, and increases physical and emotional balance and synchronization.

When it comes to your mental well-being, keep in mind that Fluorite gets its name from the word Flux. This stone is all about following your rhythm and being in tune with yourself. We will travel around the universe with the consistency of water when we are in motion with the world around us and soft in our movement. We should think straight, be honest with ourselves, and make choices based on this clarity of thought. Fluorite is here to fill in the holes of self-assured thought for someone who deals with fence-sitting, placing you in a position where you are more positioned to make balanced and sensible decisions.

What we admire in Fluorite is its ability to balance beautifully. It keeps you grounded, makes you feel safe and secure, but it also encourages you to soar a little higher, to dream beyond the box, to welcome your artistic side, and to bathe in a soothing white light that hums a melody to your heart.

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