Selenite crystal lamp - Base crystal - Angelic connection - Healing crystal lamps


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x1 Selenite lamp - 40 cm approx

Selenite is rich in healing properties and is always able to transport you to higher realms. Selenite puts you in a place where you feel ready to flourish if you crave harmony and serenity in your body, mind, and soul. Selenite stretches her wings over the physical plains, symbolizing her divine wealth in beautiful body healing. Many who incorporate Selenite into their lives will discover that this stone provides a fresh flush of versatility to their physical being. Selenite is said to help stack the spine into alignment and to correct or at the very least assist with skeletal problems. Along with strengthening the skeletal system, Selenite's light-bringing moods work to reverse free radical damage in cell structure and can keep the skin, hair, and eyes clean and bright, as well as drenched in youthful dewy energy.

Selenite gets to work right away, assisting you to let go of the anxieties and fears that can weigh you down. This is a stone that longs to be light, to spread its wings, and to be free of the shackles of catastrophic thought. Selenite begins by assisting you in unburdening yourself by thinking with crystal-clear clarity to help liberate you from these tangled thoughts. It assists you in being exquisitely conscious of your surroundings, as well as lending impeccable judgment and a healthy perspective so that you can work carefully with your soul to make the right decisions.

This Selenite Lamp is a unique piece to have, be it your home, the office, or any other place you deem important. Selenite is actively working while also doubling as a beautiful lamp.

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