Himalayan salt lamp - Ionising & restoring


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x1 salt lamp - 2 - 3kg approx - Exact lamp will vary - light fitting included.

Salt is such a ubiquitous flavour enhancer that we hardly stop to think that it is a crystal. Himalayan salt is salt that has a pinkish-orange hue due to the presence of additional minerals.

Himalayan salt purifies air, reduces electromagnetic radiation, and relieves asthma and allergies. This crystal is hygroscopic, that means it attracts water in the air. The water then evaporates from the heat of the light, and leaves behind any dissolved contaminants from the air. This does mean that the lamp can become water logged, if it is not used regularly.

Himalayan Salt lamps glow with a pleasant warming light. Therefore they can be used as night lights to reduce insomnia, or to reduce stress.

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