Black obsidian candle holder - Room energy protection


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x1 Black obsidian tea light candle holder - 6 inches approx

Obsidian is formed when the molten lava from volcanoes cools so fast, that it doesn't have time to form crystals. Similarly, obsidian's effects work quickly and without limits.

Obsidian is a glassy, opaque, black crystal. This stone is like a black mirror; you can see yourself reflected in it. However, you don't see the filtered, selfie version of yourself. You see the whole truth, including the dark aspects of ourselves, which might include some unpalatable truths. For this reason, you might require the guidance of a qualified professional, when working with this crystal. However, this process can be very valuable as it causes deep healing by reaching the source of any problems. Obsidian causes real, lasting healing, rather than temporarily reducing the symptoms. Please remember that obsidian will require cleansing in running water, after it has been used to soak up negative energies.

Obsidian is an ideal tea light holder as the glassy crystal reflects the candle's flame. It would make an ideal focus point for a meditation.

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