Amethyst point earrings - Wellbeing crystals


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x1 Amethyst earring pair - 1 cm approx

Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal that moves energy to a higher spiritual vibration. Amethyst changes energy into love, and blocks negative energy allowing you to concentrate on the spiritual.

Amethyst takes you away from the mundane and physical. Traditionally, amethyst was used to prevent drunkenness, but it can encourage sobriety for all forms of overindulgence and addiction.

Mentally and spiritually, amethyst shepherds your thoughts. Psychologically, your thoughts can become less scattered and more focussed. This allows you to see the true causes and effects at play in your life, and allows you to process new ideas. You can become more decisive and motivated.

Spiritually, amethyst crystals can take you to a higher level. When you mediate, you can develop deeper understanding. You can grow true wisdom, and become aware of, or evolve, your psychic gifts.

Amethyst has a calming and serene energy. Wearing amethyst jewellery soothes, unwinds and relaxes you. Amethyst point earrings might be good to wear in high stress situations, such as job interviews, or for those who work in healing professions, especially those who work with mentally unwell people, to protect your energy levels. Wearing amethyst might enhance your yoga or meditation practice. Amethyst protects against overindulgence so these earrings might be good to wear while partying on a Saturday night if you don't want to wake up with regrets on a Sunday morning!

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A lovely pair of earrings ! They are sturdy, of great quality, and the amethyst points are of a fair size, so you can actually show them off ! I have great memories related to this stone. The shipping was lightning fast, the package arrived soon, and these beauties were well protected and in a lovely canvas gift bag. I love them very much ! It is a hard to come by design ! Many, many thanks to the seller. For EU buyers : there is a customs declaration made ! I had no customs fees, which is a big plus !

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