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x1 Tourmaline ring - Size L, M, N, silver plated - Slightly adjustable

A very popular crystal is black tourmaline. It's typically a matte or gleaming black rock that crystal healers and enthusiasts use for different mystical properties. It's best known as a safety crystal, but it has a number of other applications as well. It is extremely protective and blocks negative energies. If you're feeling the weight of other people's influences, tourmaline will help you relieve those emotions. When they lift off of the body, it's almost as if they vanish. It will assist you in focusing your spiritual mind and being more conscious, allowing you to relinquish your personal control. It is believed to help with sickness symptoms and negative feelings.

“In the shape of a point and mounted to a ring, Tourmaline will point dark and negative energies away from you.”

Many people consider black tourmaline to be the greatest stress-relieving stone. It allows harmful feelings that trigger anxiety to be released from the mind and body. In today's world, stress is all too normal. We feel better when we have less tension. As a consequence, you might consider Tourmaline to be a happy stone. Even though saying it sounds weird. Yes, this dark black gleaming rock has the potential to promote healing and happiness in you or anyone you care for.

If you are obsessed by default, or if you have OCD or its symptoms. Black Tourmaline will assist you in detaching from the feelings associated with these events. Emotions are energy, and by seeing them in this light, you might be able to gradually let go of self-defeating behaviours. You must first make the time and space to relax and connect with your Black Tourmaline crystal (s).

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Stunning ring. I'm in love with it. Excellent service, very quick dispatch. I highly recommend this seller.

10 ⭐️s for the ring! I love it! 10 ⭐️s for the seller! Thank you very much for your gentleness! Will surely buy again from you 😘

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