Quartz point rings - Clear quartz healing mounted to a jewellery ring


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x1 clear quartz ring - Sized L, M, N - Silver plated - Slightly adjustable

Clear quartz is a good choice for someone who needs to be determined and patient. Creating states of joy and laughter on its own. It can also connect to the ethereal love vibration, assisting those who channel energy to earth and access the clearest energy vibrations.

“These rings contain two clear quartz points that are capable of setting a metaphysical energy current. This interacts with your auric field and gives you the benefits of clear quartz energy.”

It is also used in healing to turn negative energy into pure and constructive energy. A qualified crystal or Reiki healer might use a piece of clear quartz to target trapped energy inside the body. Since it serves to intensify and strengthen a healer's intentions. It also helps in the restoration of clarity.

Clear quartz is a good choice for someone who needs to be determined and patient. Joy and laughter are its naturally formed states. It can also relate to the ethereal love vibration, which can assist those who channel energy in grounding and accessing the clearest energy vibrations.

Another application is in the area of the Crown Chakra. We communicate with other realms and ethereal worlds via the crown chakra. It is the point at which energies enter the body. Many people believe it is the doorway to our minds and reality itself. When a person's crown chakra is secure, all of the chakra system's energies can be balanced. When the crystal is properly dealt with, this induces feelings of peace and harmony. The crown chakra is where we bind to our higher selves, so transparent quartz will help us maintain a healthy connection between our physical and metaphysical selves.

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