Clear quartz point - Tea light candle holder - Ideal for meditation


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x1 Clear quartz point - tea light candle holder - 4 inches approx

Quartz is a versatile crystal that has been in use for millennia, dating as far back as 7000BC the Romans and Egyptians used it as jewellery and ornaments. Owing to its strong connection to the Earth it is looked upon as a grounding stone or as an Earth stone. Different variants of this crystal include Rose quartz, Clear quartz, and Smoky quartz, each with its unique properties and abilities. Quartz is a healing crystal and is said to work on ailments and conditions that afflict the user of this crystal.

“These candle holders are ideal for meditation and look superb when lit with a tea light candle.”

This natural point tea candle holder is made of quartz and is a welcome addition to anyone's household. Additionally, it can be used in any arrangement outside of the house, be it your office, a restaurant, spa, and more. This Quartz point tea light candle holder is stimulating, imbued with the properties of quartz, this can stimulate emotions and strengthen spiritual connections. It also has the passive effect of purifying your surroundings.

The remarkable grounding ability of quartz is such that it takes negative energies from its surroundings and recycles them into positive energy, it also helps to balance the energy within the body. Quartz is also an amplifying crystal, meaning it can be charged up with energy, increasing its power in multitudes. This amplifying effect is also subject to the users' intention and direction, it's up to you how you use it. It cleanses and stimulates the organs and bodies, as well as acting as a profound spirit cleanser, combining the physical and mental dimensions.

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